Frozen Storage Bag

Frozen Storage Bag

FuDau EVA freezing bag (suitable for freezing and liquid nitrogen storage of blood, cells, etc.).
Frozen Storage Bag

Product Description

Frozen Storage Bag

FuDau EVA bag is an economical and safe choice for blood cryopreservation.  The material of this product is EVA film (vinyl vinyl acetate film), with high resilience, tension resistance and toughness, and good shockproof and buffering performance. Low permeability and gas resistance, coupled with airtight needle-free port design, can prevent contamination, effectively keep the sample safety and integrity.  Liquid ammonia is highly stable and has been evaluated by FDA certication for use in constituent blood preservation, blood cryopreservation and cord blood liquid nitrogen preservation.


  • Freezer bag can be used to freeze, preserve and thaw human blood components up to -196°C  
  • Double insurance: the outer packaging bag is potentially super safe to protect the frozen bags and blood products, and ensure sterility and prevent contamination in the freezing process  
  • Independent aseptic packaging, easy to operate  
  • Can store cord blood, etc

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