Flake bioreactor carrier

Flake bioreactor carrier

The flake microcarrier is a highly hydrophilic flake carrier. It adopts vacuum plasma surface treatment technology and chemical grafting modification technology to enrich the flake carrier with more hydrophilic groups such as amino, hydroxyl or carboxyl groups. The carrier has stronger cell attachment performance, not only suitable for Vero cells, HEK293 cells, CHO cells, BHK21 cells, ST cells, SF9/21 cells and other passage cell cultures, but also suitable for CEF cells, PAM cells and CAR-T cells, etc. Cultivation of primary cells.
Flake bioreactor carrier

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 Flake Microcarrier 

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  • Double surface hydrophilic modification treatment technology, strong cell adhesion performance.

  • The multiple tension structure ensures that the nutrients in the medium are in full contact with the cells, which is conducive to cell growth.TC treated, good for cell attachment and growth.

  • It can efficiently and simply separate cultures and cells, harvest products, realize perfusion culture or continuous flow-add culture.

  • High area / volume ratio and high cell density.

  • It can be used in packed bed bioreactors, disposable bioreactors, culture vessels, and shake flasks to provide sufficient surface area for cell growth.

  • Autoclavable

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Cell Disk



Cell Disk



Cell Disk



Cell Disk

1 kg/bottle


1.QUESTION: Non-new crown vaccines, which use flakes and which use spherical carriers?

ANSWER: There is no absolute classification. Both vectors can be used for the cultivation of adherent cells. For economic benefits, viruses that are received continuously, such as rabies virus and swine fever virus, use sheet vectors; other viruses use spherical vectors. The use of sheet carriers or spherical carriers is determined according to their equipment and process

2.QUESTION: What is the percentage increase in the production of other vaccines? Is there data support?

ANSWER: You can’t use it only if you have to improve. The sheet carrier and the spherical carrier are just a way to expand the cultivation of the final product, which is necessary for large-scale cultivation.

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