How to avoid contamination of cell culture flasks

Wed Dec 08 11:53:03 CST 2021

The cell culture flask is a culture vessel for cell culture and cell expansion in the laboratory. Cell growth requires a specific environment and temperature. Therefore, when using cell culture flasks for cell culture, you should avoid improper operation and pollution that affect cell growth.

1. Wash your hands before the experiment: Many experimenters do not wash their hands by themselves, and go to the experiment as soon as the alcohol is sprayed. This is a wrong behavior. You should wash your hands carefully with soap/soap, and wash your wrists and nails. It is a good choice to wash your hands twice, and then spray alcohol on your hands.

2. Someone wears a white coat with half sleeves to do experiments. The cuffs of the white coat should be long, which is the kind with the cuffs tied tightly. If not, put the cuffs toward the arm. The bare wrists must also be sprayed with alcohol. Please avoid touching the outside of the workbench after wearing gloves. If you have to touch it, spray alcohol again. Rather, gloves smell more alcohol.

How to avoid contamination of cell culture flasks

3. When holding the cell culture flask and culture medium, please hold it underneath, and don't take the bottleneck part.

4. At the beginning of the experiment every day, it is a good choice to take 20 minutes of ultraviolet light on the ultra-clean bench/experiment room.

5. One thing to note is that the contents of the ultra-clean table must be kept as little as possible. The more you put, the easier it is to contaminate.

6. Try to avoid talking during the operation, especially the cell room is strictly forbidden to make jokes.

7. Observe the cell status every day. If you find abnormal cell growth, please throw it away. At the same time, due to airborne mycoplasma, please check whether your culture fluid and incubator are contaminated.

Cell culture is a meticulous work. When using cell culture flasks and other consumables, pay special attention to the generation of various pollution sources to prevent cells from affecting their growth due to pollution.

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