Why PETG media bottles are square

Fri Mar 10 11:07:34 CST 2023

Serum is an essential nutrient for cell growth, and its quality is related to the growth status of cells. To ensure the quality of serum, a high-quality PETG media bottle is essential. The shape of this bottle is generally square, why is that?

1. Easy to take: Cell culture is a very cumbersome task. It is necessary to observe the growth status of the cells at any time, and decide whether to add serum according to the specific situation. After the cells grow to a certain extent, the nutrients in the serum are exhausted, and the serum inside the cell culture consumables needs to be replaced to provide a continuous supply of nutrients for the cells. Therefore, in the process of cell culture, the operation of taking serum is very frequent. The PETG media bottle with a square design is more convenient to grasp and convenient for experimenters to operate.

60ml PETG Media Bottles60ml PETG Media Bottles

2. High utilization rate: The square design has a larger storage capacity than the round shape, which can increase the overall storage capacity of the bottle. In addition, during the transportation process, there will be no free space in the square bottle, which is relatively more convenient for transportation.

Based on the above two points, most PETG media bottles choose a square design. Of course, the packaging is constantly changing. With the changing market demand, there may be more humanized bottles in the future, but no matter how it changes, meeting the low-temperature storage requirements of serum and facilitating the operation of experimenters are the same guidelines.

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