Which cells are suitable for cell culture roller bottles

Mon Jun 12 11:17:47 CST 2023

The cell culture roller bottles are a disposable container for large-scale culture of adherent cells, viruses or tissues with a spinner bottle machine. Common specifications include 2L and 5L. In order to adapt to the growth of adherent cells, special surface treatment is generally required.

The cell culture roller bottles technology has a simple structure, less investment, mature technology and good repeatability. It only needs to simply increase the number of cell spinner bottles to scale up. This consumable is suitable for culturing the following cells or tissues:

Marek's virus: Chicken Marek's disease (MD) is a common lymphoproliferative disease in chicken farms. It is a neoplastic infectious disease caused by herpes virus. It invades peripheral nerves, internal organs, iris and skin, causing the above organs, Tissues are characterized by tumors.

Fowlpox virus: It is a microorganism of the genus Avipoxvirus. The virus particle is brick-shaped. Inside the outer structure of the virus particle is a dumbbell-like core, and two core cores, which have a capsule and are not resistant to heat.

Cell Culture Roller BottlesCell Culture Roller Bottles

Swine fever vaccine: Live swine fever vaccine is used to prevent swine fever. For pigs with swine fever, it can be used alone or in combination with anti swine fever serum for emergency prevention.

PRRS Vaccine: This disease was once known as "Mystery Pig Disease", "New Pig Disease", "Porcine Epidemic Abortion and Respiratory Syndrome", "Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome", "PRRS", "Pig Plague" and so on, my country has listed it as a second-class infectious disease. The PRRS vaccine is mainly used to prevent this disease.

Porcine circovirus: Taxonomically, it belongs to the genus Circovirus of the Circoviridae family and is one of the smallest known animal viruses. Virus particles have a diameter of 14-17nm, a 20-hedron symmetrical structure, no envelope, and contain a covalently closed single-strand circular negative-strand DNA. The genome size is about 1.76kb. PCV is quite resistant to external physical and chemical factors.

The cell culture roller bottles are mainly used for the cultivation of the above cells, viruses or tissues. During the cultivation process, attention should be paid to controlling the speed of the spinner bottle machine to avoid affecting the growth of cells due to the speed.

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