What should I do if cells clumped in cell culture flasks?

Thu Oct 27 15:06:55 CST 2022

When using the cell culture flask to culture cells, the phenomenon of cell clumping will occur. What should I do at this time?

First of all, we need to make it clear that the presence of clumping cells does not necessarily mean that the growth is not good. If the outline is clear, you can clearly see the cells one by one, indicating that the cells are dividing. However, most cell clumping indicates a problem with cell growth, which may be due to the following links:

1. Cell Digestion

Operation suggestion:

1). The process of digesting cells should be gentle, and do not beat the side wall of the culture flask vigorously; for cells with strong adherence, it is recommended to digest in batches multiple times to reduce the damage of trypsin to the cells.

2). Fully understand the characteristics of the cells before culturing, and determine the optimal digestion time of the cells.

cell culture flask

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2. Cell Passaging

Operation suggestion:

1). Before digestion, add an appropriate amount of buffer to wash the cells to remove dead cell clusters and some stacked impurities;

2). Determine the correct centrifugation conditions for the cells and strictly follow the conditions;

3). According to the growth cycle of different cells, the cells can be passaged when the cell confluence reaches 80%~90%.

cell culture flask

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3. Cell Seeding

Operation suggestion:

1). Shake well after the cells are transferred to the cell culture flask, and pay attention to balance when placing.

2). Count the cells before inoculation, and inoculate according to the appropriate density.

4. Poor cell condition

Operation suggestion:

Pay attention to observe the state of the cells, and change the medium or passage in time.

The above are some common reasons and operation suggestions for the phenomenon of cell clumping when using cell culture flasks to culture cells.

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