What is the precipitate in the PETG media bottle?

Fri Feb 17 11:16:32 CST 2023

PETG media bottle is a special packaging container for storing serum. Sometimes we find some sediment inside the bottle, so what exactly are these sediments?

These substances are mainly calcium phosphate or fibrin.

1. Calcium phosphate

A common sediment that appears as a cloud. Observing through an inverted microscope, you will find many small black spots in the PETG media bottle. These black spots are free to move due to Brownian motion and are therefore often mistaken for microbial contamination. A small amount of precipitation is a normal phenomenon during the thawing process of serum. Too clear serum does not represent higher quality, and it may also be the result of repeated freezing and thawing during processing to remove fibrinogen as much as possible.

125ml Square PETG Media Bottles125ml-Square-PETG-PET-Media-Bottles

2. Fibrin

Larger material (up to 1-2 mm) visible to the naked eye. Serum is collected at low temperatures and processed rapidly, resulting in some fibrinogen remaining in solution. Although most of the fibrin is removed by filtration, during the thawing process, the fibrinogen will be converted into fibrin again and precipitated, forming a precipitate.

Although precipitation in serum is difficult to predict and prevent, reasonable and correct storage and use methods can reduce the precipitation of precipitation in serum, and centrifugation can also be used to remove sediment in PETG media bottle.

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