What are the commonly used accessories in cell factories

Tue Jan 25 11:11:05 CST 2022

Cell factories play an important role in large-scale cell culture in the fields of human vaccines, animal vaccines, cell therapy, and stem cells. Although they are the main consumables for cell culture, they also require the assistance of some accessories during use. Commonly used accessories include the following categories:

1. Sealing cover: There are ventilation holes on the top of the cover, which are mainly used in a carbon dioxide environment. The ventilation holes allow carbon dioxide in the environment to enter the cell factory, creating suitable growth conditions for cell growth.

2. Breathable cover: The cover has no ventilation holes and is mainly used in incubators and greenhouses without carbon dioxide. A sealed cover can prevent the invasion of external bacteria and help create a good growth environment for cell growth.

3. Hose: including general hose and welded hose, welded hose can be heat welded. Mainly used for liquid transfer.

4. Hose clamp: its function is to clamp the hose to control the flow rate of the liquid, or to achieve the effect of throttling.

cell factory

5. Pipe joint: connect two different hoses, the common ones are Y-type and T-type.

6. Small hole conversion head: suitable for small hole cell factory or middle hole conversion cover, connecting hose for pipeline operation.

7. Conversion cover: generally includes a middle orifice conversion cover and a small hole conversion cover, which are used for connecting hoses.

8. Air filter: improve the air condition and control the liquid inlet speed.

When using cell factories for large-scale cell culture, the accessories used are mainly of the above categories, and equipment such as manipulators, incubators, racks, and carts may also be used.

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