What are the characteristics of Fudau Cell Factory?

Mon Nov 07 11:01:27 CST 2022

For large-scale cell culture, cell factory is a commonly used cost-effective, safe and controllable cell culture consumable. Common brands include Corning's CellSTACK and Thermo Fisher's Cell Factory. Fudau is also a cell factory brand, so what are the characteristics of Fudau's cell factory?


Fudau Cell Factory Features:


1. Medical grade transparent polystyrene (PS) raw material in accordance with USP VI.


2. Adopt self-developed surface modification process, which has strong hydrophilicity and better cell adhesion performance.


3. It is produced in a C-level purification workshop. The production process conforms to the ISO13485 quality management system. The production line is fully automatic. The product has undergone a three-level sealing test before leaving the factory to ensure that the product is 100% qualified.

erlenmeyer shake flask

     FuDau 10 Layers Cell Factory


4. Perfect quality management system, each batch has undergone performance test to ensure the consistency and stability of product performance between different batches.


5. The design of double large mouths increases the speed of filling and harvesting liquid, and it is not easy to generate air bubbles, which is conducive to gas exchange and high-density cell culture.


6. Equipped with a quick-switching sealing cover (patented product), which can switch between airtight and breathable states in a conventional environment (greenhouse) to meet the needs of dissolved oxygen and exhaust in different culture stages of cells and viruses.

erlenmeyer shake flask

            FuDau 40 Layers Cell  Factory


7. Equipped with a complete set of sealed pipeline system, which can be connected with the liquid inlet system and the harvest system pipeline, and the liquid input and output can be carried out through a peristaltic pump or a pressure system.


8. The finished product has passed the third-party testing agency (SGS) ISO 10993-10, USP87 and US Pharmacopoeia tests, and has no sensitization, hemolysis, pyrogen and cytotoxicity.


As a provider of high-end biological consumables, Fudau will ensure the product quality of the cell factory and meet customer needs from the practical application of consumables.

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