Three Applications of PETG Media Bottles

Tue Jul 12 15:21:43 CST 2022

PETG media bottle is a widely used plastic bottle. It has a highly transparent body, a square design, light weight, and is not easy to break. It is a good storage container. Our common applications are mainly the following three:

1. Serum: Serum provides cells with basic nutrients, growth factors, binding proteins, etc., to avoid mechanical damage to cells, and to protect cells in culture. Serum that needs to be stored for a long time is stored in a low temperature environment of -20℃ to -70℃. If stored in a 4°C refrigerator, generally no more than 1 month.

2. Culture medium:

The medium generally contains carbohydrates, nitrogenous substances, inorganic salts, vitamins and water, etc., which are not only the basic substances that provide cell nutrition and promote cell proliferation, but also the living environment for cell growth and reproduction. The storage environment of the medium is 2°C-8°C, protected from light.

PETG media bottle

3. Various reagents: In addition to the storage of serum and culture medium, PETG serum bottles can also be used as storage containers for various biological reagents, such as buffers, dissociation reagents, antibiotics, cell cryopreservation solutions, staining solutions, growth additives, etc. Some of these reagents need to be stored at -20°C, while others are stored at room temperature. No matter which environment, serum bottles can meet their storage requirements.

The PETG media bottle is mainly used to hold the above three solutions. In order to visually observe the volume of the solution, there is a scale on the bottle body. The above solutions are basically used in cell culture, and attention should be paid to aseptic operation when adding them.

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