The application of horse serum and the characteristics of PETG media bottle

Wed Mar 22 11:24:15 CST 2023

Serum is a nutrient required for cell culture. There are many types of serum. In addition to the bovine serum we often say, horse serum is also commonly used. So which cells are this serum mainly used for, and what are the characteristics of the PETG media bottle as its container?

Serum refers to the light yellow transparent liquid separated from the fibrin in the plasma after blood coagulation, or refers to the plasma from which the fibrin has been removed. The main function is to provide basic nutrients, hormones and various growth factors, binding proteins, contact-promoting and stretching factors to protect cells from mechanical damage and protect cells in culture. Horse serum is collected from healthy horse blood as raw material, aseptic blood collection in a closed system, and microporous filtration. It is a clear liquid, free of bacteriophage, ultra-low endotoxin, no hemolysis, no foreign matter, no bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc., promoting The effect of cell growth and reproduction is very good. It is suitable for cell, tissue and organ culture, cell line preservation, and monoclonal antibody development. It is an important medium for hospitals, scientific research institutions, animal vaccines, and biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

60ml PETG Media Bottles60ml PETG Media Bottles

Serum that needs to be stored for a long time must be stored in a low-temperature refrigerator at -20°C-70°C, and the storage time in a 4°C refrigerator should not exceed 1 month. In view of the storage requirements of serum, one of the more prominent features of PETG media bottles is low temperature resistance. It still has a certain toughness at -70°C, which meets the storage requirements of horse serum.

Of course, the PETG media bottle is not only resistant to low temperature, its bottle also adopts a square design, which is mainly for the convenience of grasping. The bottle body has a molded scale, which is convenient for the experimenter to observe the serum capacity.

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