Serum quality standards and requirements for media bottles

Wed Jul 20 13:41:11 CST 2022

Serum is a natural medium that provides essential nutrients for cell growth, such as hormones and various growth factors, binding proteins, contact-promoting and growth factors, etc. The role of serum is so important, what are its quality standards, and what are the requirements for media bottles?

There are many types of serum, such as fetal bovine serum, calf serum, goat serum, horse serum, etc. The quality of the serum is mainly determined by the object and the process of sampling. The animals used for material collection should be healthy and disease-free and within the specified birth days. The material collection process should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and the prepared serum should be subject to strict quality identification. Requirements in the "Procedures for the production of biological products by in vitro culture of animal cells" published by WHO:

1. Bovine serum must come from a herd or country that is documented to be free of BSE. And should have an appropriate monitoring system.

2. Some countries also require bovine serum from herds that have not been fed ruminant protein.

3. It was demonstrated that the bovine serum used does not contain inhibitors to the vaccine virus produced.

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4. Serum should be sterilized by filtration through a filter membrane to ensure sterility.

5. No bacterial, mold, mycoplasma and virus contamination, some countries require no bacteriophage contamination.

6. It has a good support for the reproduction of cells.

Serum needs to be stored at low temperature. If it is to be stored for a long time, it needs to be frozen at -20°C - 70°C, so the requirement for media bottles is mainly low temperature resistance. The second is to consider the convenience, bottle scale, transparency and other issues in the process of use.

At present, the media bottles on the market are mainly PET or PETG raw materials, both of which have good low temperature resistance and transparency, and also have the advantages of light weight, unbreakable, and easy transportation.

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