Process Development for Newcastle Disease Virus-Vectored Vaccines in Serum-Free Vero Cell Suspension Cultures

Tue Oct 18 14:51:54 CST 2022

 Materials and Methods

Cell Lines and Culture Media

The Vero cell line adapted to suspension was provided by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and the adaptation was described in a previous work . For routine passaging, cells were centrifuged at 800× g for 5 min and resuspended in fresh media with a seeding density of 3–6 × 105 cells/mL. Cell cultures were maintained at 37 °C, 135 rpm and 5% CO2 in humified Multitron orbital shakers (Infors HT, Bottmingen, Switzerland). Cells were cultured in MDXK medium (Xell AG, Bielefeld, Germany), supplemented with 4 mM GlutaMAX (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA), at a working volume of 20 mL, 25 mL, 50 mL or 100–200 mL in polycarbonate shake flasks of volume 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL or 1 L (TriForest Enterprises, Irvine, CA, USA), respectively.

shake flasks

                FuDau 125ml Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

HEK293 suspension cells are originated from HEK293SF (clone 293SF-3F6) cells, which derive from a GMP-grade master cell bank. The cells were cultured in HEK GM medium (Xell AG, Bielefeld, Germany), supplemented with 4 mM GlutaMAX. Routine passaging and incubation in shakers was the same as for suspension Vero cells.

shake flasks

   FuDau 1000ml Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

Adherent Vero cells (ATCC CCL-81.5) were routinely passaged by washing with PBS without calcium and magnesium (WISENT Inc., Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QC, Canada), detaching with TrypLE™ Express Enzyme (Gibco, Gaithersburg, MD, USA) and adding VP Serum-Free Medium (VP-SFM) (Gibco, Gaithersburg, MD, USA) with 4 mM GlutaMAX and 1% Penicillin-Streptomycin solution (WISENT Inc., Saint-Jean-Baptiste, QC, Canada) to collect. Once collected, cells are pelleted at 300× g for 5 min and resuspended in VP-SFM to remove TrypLE. Cells are plated onto T-175 flasks or 150 mm plates, at 5–10 × 106 cells and are passaged every 2–3 days.


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