Precautions when culturing Vero cells using Cell Factory

Tue Oct 18 10:32:02 CST 2022

There are four things to keep in mind when using cell factories to grow Vero cells:

(1) Ensure that the source of cells is reliable, and detect the presence or absence of mycoplasma and foreign virus contamination.

(2) The number of consecutive cell passages is limited, and low-passage cells should be used for experiments.

cell factory

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(3) Use a new cell factory for each passage.

And in the cell factory culture process abnormal handling

(1) The seed cells should be passaged as separately as possible during the culture process.

(2) In case of turbidity of the culture medium during cell culture, please select a room where cell experiments will not be performed on that day for sampling and microscopic examination. Microorganisms with obvious swimming under the microscope are likely to be bacterial contamination. If it is not particularly obvious, some culture fluids can be taken Incubate in TSA plate for 24-72h and observe.

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(3) If the culture medium is clear, but the growth of cells is obviously restricted or dead, please select a room where cell experiments are not performed on the day for sampling and test for mycoplasma or foreign viruses.

(4) After confirming the contamination, all contaminated cells must be discarded, the medium in use should be stopped, and the experimental environment should be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized before the next batch of experiments.

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