PETG media bottle can be used for storage of rabbit red blood cells

Wed Mar 08 13:49:02 CST 2023

PETG media bottle is a square plastic bottle with a transparent body and a scale. It is square in shape and is mostly used for the storage of serum or various culture media, buffers, and cell cryopreservation solutions. In addition, it can also be used as a storage container for rabbit red blood cells.

Rabbit erythrocytes are aseptically collected anticoagulated rabbit blood, centrifuged to obtain erythrocyte precipitates, washed 2-3 times with an equal amount of PBS until the supernatant is clear, and then prepared to the corresponding ratio of rabbit erythrocytes with Aertenberg’s solution. This kind of cells is mainly used for red blood cell indirect agglutination test, complement fixation test, T lymphocyte E rosette test, production of sensitized cells, immune injection of antibodies, production of blood plate and other tests, and can also be used as an additive for the basis of HB4135 Izumi's medium.

30ml PETG Media Bottles30ml PETG Media Bottles

The storage temperature of rabbit erythrocytes is 2-8°C. Be careful not to freeze or thaw. In order to keep the cells in good condition, you need to gently invert the bottle every day and shake the erythrocytes gently. PETG serum bottle has good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance to most acid and alkali solvents, and meets the storage requirements of rabbit red blood cells. In addition, the transparent bottle body and molded scale design are convenient for operators to observe the status of cells and control the amount of additives at any time.

60ml PETG Media Bottles60ml PETG Media Bottles

Under normal circumstances, the storage period of rabbit red blood cells is valid for one month, and it needs to be used up as soon as possible after opening. Although PETG media bottles have good performance, such cells are not suitable for long-term and long-distance transportation, and aseptic operation should be paid attention to during use.

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