PETG Media Bottles: Superior Biocompatibility for Cell Culture

Wed Nov 08 10:54:42 CST 2023

PETG Media Bottles are the flagship products offered by our company, catering to the specific needs of cell culture applications. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional biocompatibility of PETG Media Bottles, showcasing their ability to maintain the integrity and viability of cultured cells.

Superior Biocompatibility:

PETG Media Bottles are selected materials in the field of cell culture due to their remarkable biocompatibility. These bottles are designed to minimize interactions with cultured cells, ensuring their growth and functionality remain unaffected.

1.Reduced Leachables and Extractables: 

PETG Media Bottles undergo rigorous testing to ensure the absence of leachables and extractables that may compromise cell cultures. Our bottles are manufactured using high-quality PETG resin, which exhibits excellent stability and minimal release of contaminants into the media.

PETG Media BottlesPETG Media Bottles

2.Non-Toxic Material:

PETG is widely regarded as a safe and non-toxic material for use in biomedical applications. Our PETG Media Bottles are free from phthalates or any other toxic additives, thus eliminating the risk of adverse effects on cell growth and behavior.

3.Biologically Inert Surface:

The smooth and biologically inert surface of PETG Media Bottles minimizes cell attachment or adhesion, reducing the risk of cell damage or activation of undesired cellular processes. This allows researchers to obtain accurate and reliable experimental results.

Our products are designed to provide a pristine and reliable environment for cell culture applications, ensuring optimal cell growth and functionality. With their reduced leachables and extractables, non-toxic nature, and biologically inert surface, PETG Media Bottles offer researchers peace of mind and confidence in their experiments.

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