Material features of PETG media bottles

Mon Jul 10 11:15:35 CST 2023

PETG media bottles are a special packaging for storing various media, reagents, serum and other solutions, and it is also a product that scientific researchers have more contact with. The wide range of applications is mainly due to the superior properties of its materials.

PETG is a transparent plastic that belongs to the non-crystalline copolyester. Serum needs to be stored in a low temperature environment. The use range of this material is -80°C to 60°C, which makes PETG media bottles fully meet the storage needs of serum. In addition, it has the following features:

1. High transparency, the light transmittance reaches 90%, which can reach the transparency of plexiglass;

2. It has stronger rigidity and hardness, excellent scratch resistance, impact resistance and toughness, which is close to or even exceeds that of polycarbonate (PC), and is suitable for injection molding, extrusion molding and extrusion blowing processing;

3. In terms of chemical resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance (yellowing) performance, mechanical strength, and barrier performance to oxygen and water vapor, PETG is also better than PET;

PETG Media BottlesPETG Media Bottles

4. Non-toxic, reliable hygienic performance, can be used for packaging of food, medicine and medical equipment, and can be sterilized by gamma rays;

5. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and can be recycled economically and conveniently. When the waste is incinerated, no harmful substances that endanger the environment will be produced.

6. With strong plasticity, it can be processed by injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

The above are the material characteristics and various excellent characteristics of PETG media bottles. It is also processed into cell culture consumables such as shaker flasks for cell suspension culture.

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