Material characteristics of high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flasks-PETG

Mon Dec 20 14:26:00 CST 2021

With the continuous development of biotechnology, high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flasks are playing an increasingly important role in cell culture. Cell culture requires a specific environment, and the requirements for cell consumables are relatively high. So which material is used for the high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flask and what are its characteristics?

The material used for high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flasks is mostly PETG, which is a transparent amorphous copolyester. Its products have high transparency. Traditional extrusion, injection, blow, and blister molding methods can be used. It is used in the market of sheet material, high-performance shrink film, bottle and profiled materials, and has the following characteristics:

1. Thermoforming performance

PETG sheets are easy to produce products with complex shapes and large stretch ratios. Moreover, unlike PC board and impact-modified acrylic, this board does not need to be pre-dried before thermoforming. Compared with PC board or acrylic, its molding cycle is short, the temperature is low, and the yield is higher.

2. Toughness

The extruded sheet of PETG sheet is usually 15 to 20 times tougher than general acrylic and 5 to 10 times tougher than impact modified acrylic. PETG sheet has sufficient bearing capacity during processing, transportation and use, which helps prevent cracking.

Material characteristics of high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flasks-PETG

3. Weather resistance

PETG sheet provides excellent weather resistance. It can maintain the toughness of the product and prevent yellowing. It contains ultraviolet absorbers, which can be co-extruded into a protective layer to protect the board from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

4. Easy to process

PETG sheet can be sawed, die-cut, drilled, punched, cut, riveted, milled and cold-formed without breaking. Slight scratches on the surface can be eliminated with a hot air gun. Solvent bonding is also a normal operation. It is easier to process than general acrylic, impact modified acrylic or PC board, and can be processed for flocking, electroplating, static electricity and other processing.

5. Chemical resistance

PETG sheet can withstand a variety of chemicals and common cleaning agents.

6. Economic and environmental protection

PETG sheet substrates are all environmentally friendly materials, which meet the requirements of food contact management. It is cheaper than a PC board, and it is more durable than a PC board.

The above are the material characteristics of high-efficiency erlenmeyer shake flasks. These characteristics of PETG meet the requirements of cell culture technology for consumables, and it is a high-quality polymer material.

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