Introduction of two functions of Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

Tue Nov 08 17:05:34 CST 2022

The erlenmeyer shake flask is a triangular cell culture container. It has two different materials: PC and PETG. According to different uses, there are also two types of lids: vent Cap and sealed Cap. Today, we will introduce the two basic functions of this bottle.

Cultivation of suspension cells and fungi: The erlenmeyer shake flask is suitable for cultivating cell lines with high requirements for central enterprises. It is also used to cultivate bacteria, fungi and animal and plant cells in suspension. Compared with culture flasks, dishes and spinner flasks, the required It requires less work and is an affordable cell culture tool. It can be used in small-scale process development, step-by-step scale-up and other cultivation stages. The breathable cover has a 0.2μm breathable membrane, which is breathable and impermeable to water, which can effectively prevent the entry of microorganisms, prevent pollution, and ensure gas exchange, so that cells grow well.

erlenmeyer shake flask

     FuDau 1000ml Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

Storage and preparation of medium: The common specifications of this cell culture vessel include 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. In addition to being used for cell suspension culture, it can also be used to store and prepare medium. If it is used to store the medium, in order to ensure that it is not polluted by the external environment, a sealed lid is generally selected.

The above is the introduction of the two major functions of the erlenmeyer shake flask. It is worth noting that if it is used to culture suspended cells, it is necessary to use the shaking of the shaker to ensure the exchange of gas and ensure the normal growth of cells. The rotation speed of the shaker varies according to the amount of liquid added and the type of cells.

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