Importance of Media Bottles for Serum Quality

Tue May 17 10:21:09 CST 2022

Serum refers to the colloidal liquid from plasma after removing fibrinogen, including fetal bovine serum, calf serum, adult bovine serum, and horse serum. Serum is generally stored in a dedicated media bottle and placed in a corresponding storage environment according to the type. Factors affecting serum quality include the following:

1. Endotoxin

The domestic standard is not higher than 5EU/ml. Endotoxin is a component of the cell wall after the bacteria are broken, so the level of endotoxin content can show the aseptic operation in a series of processes from blood collection to production. If the endotoxin content is extremely high, it indicates that the serum has been contaminated.

2. Total protein content

The general range of fetal bovine serum is 30-40mg/ml. If the value is too high, it means that the age of the ox was too old, not fetal bovine, and the value is too low, indicating that the serum may be mixed with water.

3. Hemoglobin

The standard is not higher than 20mg/dl, the redder the color, the higher the value, and vice versa, the lower the value.

media bottle

4. pH

The domestic serum is mostly higher than 7.5, and the imported fetal bovine serum is mostly lower than 7.5. The specific reason is unknown and may be related to the age of the cow. This can also be used to initially identify the source of the serum.

5. Microorganisms

Including bacteria, molds, mycoplasma, bacteriophages, various pathogenic viruses, etc. Among them, Escherichia coli has little effect on the quality of serum, and pathogenic viruses, especially BVDV, exist in almost 90% of domestic serum, and these microorganisms are the most important. One of the important factors of domestic serum quality.

The above is the influence of its own factors on the quality of the serum production process. In addition, the quality of the media bottle will also have a certain impact on the serum. If the media bottle is not tightly sealed or the sterilization is not complete, it will directly lead to the contamination of the serum. The application of the contaminated serum in the cell experiment will slow down or even stop the growth of the cells, which will affect the experimental effect.

Therefore, when selecting serum, while identifying the quality of the serum, pay attention to whether the seal of the media bottle is intact to ensure that the serum quality is good.

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