How to choose a high-quality serum bottle

Thu Jan 05 14:50:28 CST 2023

Serum bottle is a storage container commonly used in laboratories, and is mostly used to store solutions such as serum, culture medium, and various reagents. There are many suppliers of serum bottles on the market, and the product quality is uneven. So, how do we choose this container? It can be considered from the following aspects:

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1. Product material: The materials of serum bottles generally include PET and PETG. The properties of these two materials are similar, and both have good low temperature resistance and transparency. The difference is that the barrier property of PETG is better than that of PET. If you want to pursue a better solution storage effect, it is recommended to choose PETG material.

2. Production process: At present, the production process used for this kind of packaging container is mostly injection blowing and injection stretch blowing one-time molding process. Relatively speaking, the bottle produced and stored by the injection stretch blowing process has better gloss, smooth bottle wall, and the solution is not easy Wall-mounted, the overall airtightness is also better.

3. Manufacturer qualification: This kind of packaging container follows the requirements of the ISO15378 quality management system, and the sterilization follows the ISO11137 quality management system. In addition, it also includes ISO9001, CE certificate and other qualifications, which reflect the strength of the supplier from the side.

4. Product quality: This needs to consider the quality of raw materials, the quality management system of suppliers, product quality inspection reports and other factors. High-quality product quality is the key to ensure good and stable storage of solutions, especially for serum and culture media. For this kind of solution dedicated to cell culture experiments, the quality cannot be ignored.

5. Supply capacity: This is mainly for enterprises that need to purchase and use serum bottles in large quantities for a long time. The stable supply capacity can ensure that production will not be affected due to out of stock. What is the daily production capacity of suppliers and whether they have safety stocks? These are issues that need to be considered.

On the whole, when choosing a serum bottle, we should consider the material of the product, the production process, the qualification of the supplier, the supply capacity, and the quality of the product. Another point is the cost-effectiveness of the product, but this point should be considered on the basis of the above five points. After all, compared with the cost-effectiveness, high-quality product quality is the premise, which can save you a lot of follow-up troubles.

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