Application of media bottle in cell culture medium

Fri May 13 09:57:11 CST 2022

Media bottle is a container for storing serum, which is generally made of PET or PETG material by injection stretch blowing process. The medium is the nutrient required for cell growth. According to its source, it is divided into synthetic medium and natural medium, both of which can be stored in media bottles.

Natural medium:

The most commonly used natural medium is serum, basically calf serum. Serum contains a variety of cell growth factors, adhesion-promoting factors and their multi-active substances. When used in combination with synthetic medium, cells can proliferate and grow smoothly. Serum needs to be stored in special media bottles at -5°C to -20°C.

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Synthetic medium:

Synthetic medium is strictly formulated according to the type and quantity of substances required by cells. There are many types and known components, which facilitates the control of experimental conditions. Contains carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, inorganic salts, vitamins, trace elements and cell growth factors. However, compared with the natural medium, some natural unknown components cannot be replaced by known chemical components. Therefore, the basic synthetic medium used in cell culture must also add a certain amount of natural medium components to overcome the synthetic culture. The most common practice is to add calf serum.

The shape of the media bottle is square, easy to grasp, resistant to most acid and alkali corrosion, the embrittlement temperature is -70 °C, and it still has a certain toughness at -30 °C. It is a good packaging container, both natural and synthetic media can be stored in media bottle.

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