Application of erlenmeyer shake flasks in protein expression

Wed Nov 09 11:05:27 CST 2022

Protein expression refers to a molecular biology technology that expresses foreign gene proteins by model organisms such as bacteria, yeast, animal cells or plant cells, and occupies a core position in genetic engineering technology. Erlenmeyer shake flask is a consumable often used in protein expression.

Protein expression is the process in which genes on DNA are transcribed into RNA and then translated into proteins. Protein expression can express the corresponding (genetic) traits controlled by genes. According to the host cells, protein expression systems can be divided into two categories: prokaryotic expression systems and eukaryotic expression systems. Prokaryotic expression systems include Escherichia coli expression system, Bacillus expression system, Streptomyces expression system. Eukaryotic expression systems include yeast expression systems, insect expression systems, mammalian expression systems and plant cell expression systems.

Erlenmeyer shake flask

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The process of prokaryotic protein expression includes the construction of prokaryotic expression vector, transformation into high-efficiency expression host bacteria, induction and expression of target protein, expansion of bacteria, preparation of crude extract of bacterial protein, purification of target protein, etc. It is used in the culture and expansion stage of bacteria. If it is a large-scale protein expression, a larger-capacity high-efficiency shake flask needs to be used.

Erlenmeyer shake flask

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Protein expression is only one aspect of the application of erlenmeyer shake flasks. In addition, it is also used for the culture of suspension cells, the preparation or storage of media, and is an economical and affordable culture or storage container.

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