Application of PETG media bottle - cell cryopreservation solution

Wed Mar 15 11:51:22 CST 2023

PETG media bottle is a square storage container with very good low temperature resistance, suitable for various solutions that require low temperature storage, such as culture medium, serum, etc., in addition, it can also be used for the storage of cell cryopreservation solution.

Cell cryopreservation is one of the main methods of cell preservation. Using cryopreservation technology to store cells in liquid nitrogen at -196°C can temporarily remove the cells from the growth state and preserve their cell characteristics for a long time, and then resuscitate the cells for experiments when needed. At the same time, properly freezing a certain amount of cells can prevent the cells from being unable to continue to be cultured due to cell contamination or other accidents, which plays a role in cell preservation.

60ml PETG Media Bottles60ml PETG Media Bottles

When freezing cells, cell cryopreservation solution is a ready-to-use low-temperature solution for culturing cells to protect cells. This solution needs to be stored frozen at -20°C, and the validity period is generally one year. If stored at 4°C, the validity period is at most 3 months. PETG media bottle is made of PETG raw material through injection stretch blowing process, which can withstand low temperature of -70 ℃, and is a good packaging container for low temperature storage solution. The bottle body has high transparency, and the molded scale is convenient for observing the capacity of the solution, and the square design is easy for the operator to grasp.

The above is the application of PETG media bottle in cell cryopreservation solution. No matter what kind of solution is used for storage, its airtightness is a problem worthy of attention. Only a well-sealed packaging container can ensure the stability of the solution.

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