Application of PETG material in media bottle

Wed Mar 01 11:08:37 CST 2023

PETG is a kind of transparent plastic, which belongs to non-crystalline copolyester. It has good viscosity, transparency, color, chemical resistance, and stress whitening resistance. It can be thermoformed or extrusion blow molded very quickly. It is a good choice for making media bottle of good raw material. PETG raw materials have the following characteristics:

1. Thermoforming performance

PETG is easy to produce products with complex shapes and large draw ratios. This material does not need to be pre-dried before thermoforming. The molding cycle is short, the temperature is low, and the yield is higher.

2. Toughness

Extruded sheets of PETG are generally 15 to 20 times tougher than general-purpose acrylics and 5 to 10 times tougher than impact-modified acrylics, and have sufficient bearing capacity during processing, transportation and use to help prevent rupture.

PETG Media Bottles

PETG Media Bottles

3. Weather resistance

PETG offers excellent weather resistance. It maintains the firmness of the product and prevents yellowing. It contains UV absorbers that are co-extruded into a protective layer that protects the sheet from the harmful effects of UV rays.

4. Excellent chemical resistance

PETG is resistant to many chemicals and commonly used cleaning agents, and is resistant to hydrolysis in hot and humid environments.

5. Environmental protection

After burning PETG, only water and carbon dioxide are left. It is an environmentally friendly material and meets the requirements of food contact management.

PETG Media bottles have good transparency and excellent impact resistance. Thanks to various excellent properties, it is also used in the fields of board, sheet, cosmetic packaging, etc.

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