Application of PETG Media Bottle - Serum Free Medium

Tue Jul 05 11:43:12 CST 2022

PETG media bottles have very good gas barrier properties, suitable for storage and sampling of active pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk intermediates, and also ideal for preparation and storage of buffers, serum, culture fluids, or long-term storage of pH-sensitive liquids, serum-free media is one of its applications.

Serum-free medium is a synthetic medium that can maintain the growth and reproduction of cells in vitro for a long time without adding serum. Serum-free media and reagents are widely used to culture mammalian and invertebrate cells to prepare monoclonal antibodies, viral antigens, and recombinant proteins. Most serum-free media contain transferrin, which transports ions into cells, and insulin, which regulates glucose uptake, as well as some proteins and albumin, fibrin, fetuin, etc., which play various roles in cell culture. functions, such as providing the matrix required for cell adhesion, resisting bioreactor shear stress, and serving as a carrier for lipids and other growth differentiation factors.

PETG media bottles

The storage environment of serum-free medium is 2-8°C. The PETG media bottle has very good transparency and low temperature resistance, and is resistant to corrosion by most acid and alkali solvents. It is a good storage container. Cell culture involves multiple additions of medium. In order to facilitate the experimenter's grasp, the bottle body adopts an ergonomic square design.

It should be noted that the medium provides nutrients for the cells. When operating the PETG media bottle, attention should be paid to aseptic operation to avoid introducing contamination and affecting cell growth.

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