Application of PETG Media Bottle - Basal Medium

Wed Jul 06 09:51:56 CST 2022

PETG media bottle is a storage container with very high transparency. It adopts a square design and is easy to grasp. It is mostly used for the storage of solutions such as serum, culture medium, buffer, etc.

Although the nutritional requirements of various microorganisms are different, the basic nutrients required by most microorganisms are the same. The medium prepared according to the basic nutrients required for the growth and reproduction of general microorganisms is called the basic medium. Beef extract peptone medium is a commonly used one. It can be used as the basic component of some special medium, and then according to the special requirements of a certain microorganism, the required nutrients can be added to the basic medium.

PETG media bottles

Contains essential nutrients for bacterial growth and reproduction, and can be used for most bacterial growth. Add an appropriate amount of peptone, sodium chloride, and phosphate to the beef infusion to adjust the pH to 7.2 to 7.6. After sterilization, it is the basal liquid medium; if 0.3% to 0.5% of agar is added, it is Basal semi-solid medium; adding 1% to 2% agar, it is basal solid medium. PETG media bottles store liquid basal medium.

The storage environment of the basal medium is 2-8°C, and the validity period is generally 12 months. Although the PETG media bottle can withstand the low temperature of -70°C, in order to maintain a good use effect, freezing and thawing of the medium is not recommended. The culture medium will be filtered and sterilized, and attention should be paid to aseptic operation when using it to avoid contamination.

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