Application of Fetal Bovine Serum and Selection of Media Bottle

Thu Nov 24 11:21:58 CST 2022

Fetal bovine serum is a commonly used supplementary medium in cell culture. It is rich in nutrients necessary for cell growth, and at the same time provides adhesion factors, detoxification, protease inhibitors, and protects cells from damage. There are many kinds of cells, which cells are the main uses of this serum, and how to choose the media bottle for storage?

Although serum-free culture technology has been developed rapidly, many cell lines may not be applicable, cannot replicate all growth factors present in fetal bovine serum, and have disadvantages such as high development costs of serum-free medium. Fetal bovine serum can be used for research and production of almost all in vitro cultured mammalian cells, including drug discovery, diagnostics, toxicity testing, cell therapy, in vitro fertilization, human and animal vaccine production, etc.

media bottles60ml-Square-PETG-PET-Media-Bottles


We have already learned about the application of fetal bovine serum, so such high-quality fetal bovine serum naturally needs a very good storage container for preservation. First of all, in terms of material, the media bottle has two different materials: PET and PETG. Both materials have good low temperature resistance and meet the low temperature storage requirements of serum. In comparison, the transparency and impact resistance of PETG raw materials are better. Secondly, we need to look at the quality control of the production company, whether there is a perfect quality control system, etc.

The above is the application of fetal bovine serum and the selection of media bottle. In order to facilitate the operator to take it, this kind of storage container is generally square, which conforms to the ergonomic design; the bottle body has a scale, which is convenient for observing the serum capacity.

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