Application of Cell Factory in Vero Cells

Mon Oct 24 11:41:26 CST 2022

Today, I will tell you about the application of cell factories on Vero cells. Vero cells are derived from African green monkey kidney epithelial cells and are a vaccine production cell line approved by the World Health Organization and my country's biological product regulations.

When the cell factory is cultivating Vero cells, our operation method can be expanded from the square flask to the cell factory according to the cell recovery. A 5-layer cell factory is inoculated with about 300x106cells (according to 9.5x104cells/c㎡), adding 200-300ml/ layer, cultured for 3 days, and passaged after the cells grew into a dense monolayer.

Vero Cells

 FuDau 10 Layers Cell Factory

When we pass on the cell factory, we should slowly discard the culture medium in the cell factory, but do not add PBS for rinsing. Add approximately 25 ml/layer of trypsin (Gibco TrypLE™ Express Enzyme (1X)) solution directly. After fully infiltrating the cells for 1-2 min, the trypsin was discarded, and the cell factory was placed in a 37°C incubator for 5-6 min.

Vero Cells

      FuDau 40 Layers Cell Factory

After microscopic examination, more than 90% of the cells became round and bright, and then beat the cell factory to disperse the cells. Then add fresh medium to resuspend the cells, and shake the cell factory to disperse the cells evenly. Pour the resuspended cells into a sterile container, mix well, sample and count, and proceed to the next step of expansion and culture.

This is the application of the cell factory in Vero cells, and caqompared with the proliferation data of the top brand products at home and abroad, the FuDau cell factory is better than similar domestic products in terms of cell clone formation rate, adherence speed and cell proliferation speed, and is similar to imported products. The brand is quite the same, if you need it, welcome to consult.

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