Application of Cell Culture Roller Bottles in Veterinary Vaccine Production

Sun Jun 25 15:37:11 CST 2023

Cell culture roller bottles are a common cell culture consumable in the field of life sciences, it is mainly used for culturing and expanding biological cells in vitro. It can provide a large growth surface for cells, and prevent certain components formed in the culture medium from possibly affecting cell growth through slight rotation. In the production of veterinary vaccines, this consumable is mainly used for the cultivation of cells or viruses.

The following are some common examples of cell culture spinner bottles used in veterinary vaccine production:

Swine influenza vaccine: The production of swine influenza vaccine will use cell culture roller bottles to amplify the virus, and extract surface glycoproteins (H and N antigens) from it for vaccine preparation.

Cell Culture Roller BottlesCell Culture Roller Bottles

PRRS Vaccine: This disease was once known as "Mystery Pig Disease", "New Pig Disease", "Porcine Epidemic Abortion and Respiratory Syndrome", "Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome", "PRRS", "Pig Plague" and so on, my country has listed it as a second-class infectious disease. The PRRS vaccine is mainly used to prevent this disease.

Porcine circovirus: Taxonomically, it belongs to the genus Circovirus of the Circoviridae family and is one of the smallest known animal viruses. Virus particles have a diameter of 14-17nm, a 20-hedron symmetrical structure, no envelope, and contain a covalently closed single-strand circular negative-strand DNA. The genome size is about 1.76kb. PCV is quite resistant to external physical and chemical factors.

Rabies vaccine: Rabies vaccine is a special drug used to prevent rabies before or after exposure, and post-exposure treatment is the only effective means of preventing rabies after exposure. During the preparation of the rabies vaccine, Vero cells (an African green monkey kidney cell line) are used in cell culture roller bottles to amplify and purify the virus.

Generally speaking, in the production of veterinary vaccines, cell culture roller bottles are widely used in the cultivation of cells or viruses, and are an indispensable tool in the production of veterinary vaccines.

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