Analysis of common problems in the production process of media bottles

Fri May 20 10:29:30 CST 2022

The media bottle plays an important role in preserving the good storage state of the serum and preventing it from being polluted by the external environment. In the production process, various quality problems such as white bottom and low transparency of the bottle are often encountered. What are the reasons for these problems?

Media bottles are generally made of PET/PETG raw materials with high transparency through injection stretch blowing process. Common problems in the production process are as follows:

1. Thick on the top and thin on the bottom: delay the pre-blowing time, or reduce the pre-blowing pressure and reduce the air flow.

2. Thick at the bottom and thin at the top: the opposite of the above.

3. There are wrinkles under the bottle neck: the pre-blowing is too late or the pre-blowing pressure is too low, or the billet is not well cooled here.

4. White bottom: the preform is too cold; it is too stretched; the pre-blowing is too early or the pre-blowing pressure is too high.

media bottle

5. There is a magnifying glass phenomenon at the bottom of the bottle: there is too much material at the bottom of the bottle; the pre-blowing is too late, and the pre-blowing pressure is too low.

6. There are wrinkles in the bottom of the bottle: the bottom temperature is too high (the cooling at the gate is not good); the pre-blowing pressure is too low and the flow rate is too small. 

7. The entire bottle is cloudy (opaque): not cooling enough.

8. Partial whitening: Excessive stretching, the temperature here is too low, or pre-blowing is too early, or the stretching rod is touched.

9. The eccentricity of the bottom of the bottle: it may be related to the temperature of the preform, stretching, pre-blowing, high-pressure blowing, etc. Reduce the temperature of the preform; speed up the stretching speed; check the gap between the tie rod head and the bottom mold; delay the pre-blowing to reduce the pre-blowing pressure; delay the high-pressure blowing; check whether the preform is eccentric.

The production of media bottles is a very rigorous process. It needs to go through various processing procedures and control the details of each process in order to produce high-quality bottles.

The FAI climbed 5.9 percent year-on-year in the first 11 months of 2018, quickening from the 5.7-percent growth in Jan-Oct, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Friday in an online statement.

The key indicator of investment, dubbed a major growth driver, hit the bottom in August and has since started to rebound steadily.

In the face of emerging economic challenges home and abroad, China has stepped up efforts to stabilize investment, in particular rolling out measures to motivate private investors and channel funds into infrastructure.

Friday's data showed private investment, accounting for more than 60 percent of the total FAI, expanded by a brisk 8.7 percent.

NBS spokesperson Mao Shengyong said funds into weak economic links registered rapid increases as investment in environmental protection and agriculture jumped 42 percent and 12.5 percent respectively, much faster than the average.

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